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17018 Silverwood
San Antonio, TX 78232


Service Times

Sun. - 9 & 11 am
Wed. - 7 pm
: (210) 857-3747

Youth Event

Join us this Saturday for a special Youth Event, see calendar for details



Join us as we study through the letter to the Hebrews.

Sundays @ 9:00 am and again at 11:00 am


Weekly Radio Show

Listen every Sunday on KDRY 1100 AM at 11:00 am.

Visit buildingonthesolidrock.com to listen to broadcast archives.


Service Times

Sundays @ 9:00 am & 11:00 am

Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm

Each study picks up where the last one left off in the books we’re currently studying.

Latest message

Calvary Chapel Solid Rock

We are a church that believes the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, thus we study the Bible verse-by-verse.  We are one of many churches affiliated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in California.  You can learn more about us by clicking HERE.

Service Series

Hebrews Study


Sundays – 9 & 11 am


1KingsBanner21 Kings

Wednesdays – 7:00 pm

Word from the Pastor

  • Knowing God – August 25, 2016

    Matt 16:13; Mark 8:27   It’s been said that knowledge is growing at a faster rate today than ever before in history. We can credit most of the knowledge boom to the internet. If you want to fix your car, learn how to braid hair a certain way, or even figure out how to best format that ...
  • Add Life to Your Years – August 9, 2016

    Gen 25:8; Exodus 20:12; Deut 4:40; Proverbs 10:27   I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that ‘time goes too fast.’ I read about a thirteen year old who was trying to find out if you could do something to help time feel like it was moving slower because he said when it’s time for bed, he feels ...