Calvary Chapel Solid Rock

We are a church that believes the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, thus we study the Bible verse-by-verse.  We are one of many churches affiliated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in California.  You can learn more about us by clicking HERE.

Service Series

Matthew Study



9 & 11 am

The Book of 1 Samuel

1 Samuel


7:00 pm

Word from the Pastor

  • Spiritual Change Produces Hope

    When I look in the mirror, it’s not hard for me to tell that I have changed.  I don’t really think about it every day, but whenever I look at an old photograph or happen to notice something I hadn’t seen before, it’s easy to see that I have indeed changed.  It’s not something I’ve …

  • Pleasing Him Fulfills Us

    I once read about a Time Magazine article that said that NOT having children was the best way to insure that you get everything you want out of life (unless what you want is children, of course!). It seems that the world’s view of the ‘complete life,’ begins with a total focus on self. The …

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