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Frequently Ask Questions

How Can I Start Serving?

Complete the Get Connected form.  We will follow up with you to attend our monthly Servanthood class. This class is held on the third Sunday of every month, right after third service, at 1:15PM.

How Do I Connect with Others?

Join our Men's and Women's Friday night Bible study.  This is held every Friday at 6:30PM, and childcare is available.  Also, follow our church social medias and/or our church calendar and attend upcoming church events.

How do I Grow in My Faith?

Get plugged into our Discipleship Ministry! There are a variety of opportunities to grow in this ministry, such as by attending ministry events, seminars, and small group studies.  See our discipleship page for more information.

How do I Put My Faith into Action?

Get involved in our Go Ye ministry.  This is our outreach ministry, which shares who Jesus is and His love to the local community and other areas in the world.  Visit the Go Ye page for upcoming mission trips and events!