John 14:6; Luke 19:10; Acts 4:12

I heard about a man living around the area of Syria who had shed great tears as he shared his testimony to a group of missionaries who were serving in an area several days from where he was living.  This man had placed the bible and the Koran side by side and intensely studied them both in an effort to discover what was true.  He came to discover that the Bible taught truth and became real to Him – it was as if the bible were alive and renewed his whole understanding of life.  According to this man, Jesus appeared to Him a couple of times in visions to confirm this revelation.  Finally, this former devout Muslim, had a desire to be baptized according to God’s word, but there were no churches or even Christians in his hometown.  That’s when he traveled to a larger city where the missionaries were serving.  He met up with them, wept as he told them his testimony, and he was baptized.  They actually set up a small kiddie pool in the hallway of their facility so that the ceremony could be in private because in that region it is very dangerous for anyone to convert and be baptized as a Christian.

This is a great story for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s a true story that reminds us that God is still at work saving souls.  Second, it reminds us that it is the Lord who does the work of saving a soul.  This man committed his life to the Lord to the point of risking his life just to be baptized because He met the risen Savior Jesus Christ.  No convincing, polished words of man were necessary – just a man and the conviction of God upon his heart.

We don’t make converts, but we do want to be available should the Lord choose to send us some.  Jesus is still at work in the world.  He’s able to draw even the hardest heart to Himself.  Let us never lose heart in praying for those whom God has placed in our hearts.  Let us seek the Lord and remain sensitive to His Holy Spirit so that we are in the right places, prepared for every good work.  It is Jesus who saves, but sometimes He desires to use us in the process.  Look around and ask the Lord who He may want you to reach out to, encourage, or minister to today.  You may never realize the bigger work that God may be doing through your one small contribution – after all… Jesus cares, Jesus heals, and Jesus saves.

Pastor Troy