The Vision: The Discipleship Ministry teaches the gospel of Jesus and helps people grow in their relationship with Him. We are focused on developing disciples and encouraging spiritual growth across different stages of life.

Open To: Anyone and everyone who desires to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Meets When: The Discipleship Ministry includes a wide variety of opportunities to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Bible studies meet every Friday night at 6:30p, Foundations classes, Small Group classes and One-on-One Discipleship is offered throughout the year.

Bible Studies

Specific small-group Bible studies that are informal and discussion-based for Men, Women, and Young Adults alike. We also offer occasional specific discussion-based Bible studies on topics that are culturally relevant to the world we live in today as well as how to Biblically navigate them in our lives, homes, and workplaces.

New Believers

As a new believer in Jesus Christ it is important that you get off on the right foot in your walk with Lord.  Learning the essentials of what it takes to grow in this new relationship is key and it is important that you understand and implement these habits.  This is a short class that emphasizes what happened in your new relationship to God, what to expect afterwards, as well as supporting scripture and guidance for you as you navigate this amazing New Life in Christ!


The basic doctrine and foundations of the Christian faith, plainly put…are foundational!  It is upon these Biblical Truths and promises that our faith truly rests. We offer a Foundational overview class that gives many of the essential doctrines within about an hour and is meant for the New Believer, the growing disciple, as well as refreshment for the seasoned believer. We also offer classes/seminars throughout the year that are a “deeper dive” into specific doctrines that are informal and involve small group discussion.


The Great Commission not only calls for believers to preach the gospel, but it also it commands every follower of Jesus to go and make disciples. However, we can only take others as far as we ourselves have already gone. In other words, to be a disciple-maker, you must first be a true disciple yourself.


Leader: David Hoehn 
Church Address: 
17018 Silverwood Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78232
Church Phone Number:
(210) 236-8356