Pastor Troy, while still serving in the U.S. Air Force, attended Calvary Chapel Albuquerque where he gave his life to the Lord. Still on active duty, Troy began to feel a pull into ministry. After ten years of honorable service, Troy left the military to pursue God's calling on his life. Troy remembers family and friends telling him that he was crazy to walk away from his military career; after all, he was half-way to retirement. However, as Troy recalls, "The call to ministry compelled me to follow what the Lord had placed in my heart."  
Troy made his way to San Antonio where he found a Calvary Chapel that was just starting out. Troy believed he had found his home church and eventually became the Worship Ministry Leader at Calvary Chapel San Antonio.  

It wasn't but a few years later that another familiar calling came to him. In 2007, Troy again was at a crossroads, but the desire the Lord placed in him began to outgrow his reservations. With the blessing and encouragement of his pastor, Troy, his wife Ofelia, and their three children set off to answer the Lord's calling by planting Calvary Chapel Solid Rock in the northside of San Antonio. Fourteen years later, he finds himself surrounded by a congregation that loves and respects his unapologetic, biblically based, verse-by-verse teaching.

Troy Neeley

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